My Victorinox Swiss Army Knives Collection

This blog is all about Victorinox Swiss Army knives or SAKs. I’ve been a SAK collector since the early 2000s but my SAK hobby really kicked off in 2010 when I discovered the Swiss Army Knights forum at

Victorinox knives are available in different sizes, ranging from the keychain models measuring 58mm up to the huge 130mm models in the Delémont collection. The most well-known product line is probably the 91mm collection which dates back to the original Officer’s knives from more than a hundred years ago.

My collection is focused on 74mm and 91mm Swiss Army Knives and I am always looking for interesting SAKs in those sizes. I am particularly interested in vintage knives in good condition, limited edition SAKs as well as uncommon scale colors and scale designs.

  • Uit en thuis met Victorinox

    I don’t really like SAKs with company logos. I just don’t like advertising. But this Explorer is pretty cool.

For an overview of the current Victorinox models you should visit the Victorinox website. For more information and details of all current SAKs, vintage models, tool evolution, tang stamps and other interesting stuff then is the place to be.