September 2010

Theo Klein Victorinox Swiss multitool with whistle

Victorinox Multitool by Theo Klein

This is a cool toy, made by Theo Klein. It’s quite big, red, and very cool. It has a saw, spoon, fork, bottle opener (with screwdriver), whistle and even a magnifying glass! I bought it as a present for my nephew, but I got one for myself as well ;)

White Victorinox Huntsman

White Victorinox Huntsman

My very first Victorinox Swiss Army knife was a black Huntsman. I EDC’d it for several years but I lost it in 2000 or so. This white one is a newer model, with a slightly thinner tang (large blade) and the new “Victorinox Swiss Made Stainless” text on the tang. This one originally came with …

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Red Victorinox Handyman

Victorinox Handyman

The Handyman is a pretty large, 6 layer Swiss Army Knife. It adds scissors, pliers, a wood saw, a metal saw (with metal file and nail file), a chisel, a fine screwdriver and (since 1991) a multi-purpose hook to the basis Spartan model. The one in the pictures is an older knife since it has …

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Blue Victorinox Compact

Victorinox Compact in blue

The Compact is one of my favorite Victorinox knives. It has almost the same functionality as the popular Climber model, but it is one layer thinner. Instead of the small blade it has a combo tool which combines the functions of the can opener and the bottle opener (cap lifter) that normally take up a …

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Black Victorinox Camper

Black Victorinox Camper

This is another Camper, the same model I showed before (that was a green Camper), but this one is in stylish black. This one has been fitted with Plus scales (including a ballpoint pen), but this Swiss Army knife normally comes with normal scales, usually with a Camping logo on the front.

Victorinox Pioneer Harvester

Victorinox Pioneer Harvester

The (Pioneer) Harvester is part of the 93mm Pioneer series. It is based on the two layer Pioneer (the civilian version of the Soldier), but replaces the can opener with a small pruning blade and adds a woodsaw.

Victorinox TimeKeeper: Timepiece

Victorinox TimeKeeper

The TimeKeeper is relatively rare, discontinued 91mm Swiss Army knife. It has an analog timepiece in the front scale. Tool-wise it is very close to the Compact, replacing the tweezers in the front scale with the timepiece. It is one of only a few 91mm models with a combo tool instead of the can opener …

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Black soft grip Victorinox Climber RT - logo on main blade

Victorinox Climber RT

In 2010, Victorinox released a soft grip version of the Climber model for the On The Road tour. It is called the Climber RT (Road Tour) and has black cellidor scales with a special coating giving it a nice soft grip finish. You can see the difference between the soft grip scales and the regular …

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Green Victorinox Executive

Green Victorinox Executive

This is a Victorinox Executive. It features an unusual tool: the orange peeler, which is basically a small serrated blade with a flat head screwdriver at the end. While the Executive is still in the lineup, this particular knife was made before 1991, since the scissors have a screw. The riveted scissors were introduced in …

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Green Victorinox Camper

Green Victorinox Camper

The Camper is a 3 layer, 91mm knife. It is usually red with a Camping logo on the front scale (metal inlay or hot stamped). This is a green one without the logo. The Camper has the same tool configuration as the Spartan, but adds a woodsaw. Prefer a black one? ;)