Ribbed alox Victorinox Excelsior

I got a nice little Victorinox knife in the mail a couple of days ago. It’s an Excelsior in silver alox. It’s a pretty basic 84mm, single layer knife with only a large and a small blade. It has the old Swiss cross on the front scales and it looks like the knife has never been used, carried or shapened. It’s in mint condition which is what I prefer ;) It came without the box, unfortunately.

Victorinox still make the cellidor version of this Swiss Army Knife, but the ribbed alox versions have been discontinued since I think the 1980s.

Update: I think this knife is actually pretty new after all. The old version of this knife (model 2070 s) did not have a Swiss cross on the front, and this one does. Also, Victorinox is written with a bigger capital V which indicates it’s post-1984… still a bit of a mystery, this.

Victorinox Excelsior

Victorinox use an odd naming scheme by the way. The silver alox Excelsior comes without a keyring, while the cellidor knives do have the keyring. So if you ask me, the alox Excelsior should have been named Pocket Pal. And to make matters even more confusing, the alox version in red was called Popular and did have the keyring ;)

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  1. I do have a ‘popular’ red Alox Excelsior and Victorinox is written with a not so big capital V. Maybe 70’s?

    1. That’s nice. And yes, it’s very possible your Popular is from the 70s. I’m not sure when they first started using the bigger capital V though.

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