Victorinox Compact in blue

The Compact is one of my favorite Victorinox knives. It has almost the same functionality as the popular Climber model, but it is one layer thinner. Instead of the small blade it has a combo tool which combines the functions of the can opener and the bottle opener (cap lifter) that normally take up a layer on their own. It loses the reamer though, since that is normally on the can opener/bottle opener layer. Still, it manages to combine lots of functionality in a pretty small package.

Blue Victorinox CompactThe Compact is one of only a few models that have a nail file on the multi purpose hook. The knife comes with plus scales that contain a toothpick, tweezers, ballpoint pen and a straight pin. It also comes with the mini screwdriver.

The TimeKeeper is almost the same, but adds a timepiece on the front scale.

2 thoughts on “Victorinox Compact in blue”

  1. My everyday knife for the last 15 years or so. All I need in only 2 layers, don’t know it is in my pocket until I need it. And that is well… every day!

    1. Yes, it’s an Excellent EDC knife if you ask me. Except if you really need an awl, there’s no reason why you would by a Climber. Go for the Compact instead :)

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