White Victorinox Huntsman

My very first Victorinox Swiss Army knife was a black Huntsman. I EDC’d it for several years but I lost it in 2000 or so. This white one is a newer model, with a slightly thinner tang (large blade) and the new “Victorinox Swiss Made Stainless” text on the tang.

White Victorinox HuntsmanThis one originally came with nylon scales with a company logo on them, which I swapped for these classy white ones.

5 thoughts on “White Victorinox Huntsman”

  1. Very nice. I’m amazed at the number of Victorinox knives I have that are discontinued, especially considering the fact that my collection isn’t that large. Of mine, the Rover, Huntsman Economy, Pruner and Alox Soldier are not being produced anymore. That leaves me with a Tinker, Huntsman, SwissTool RS, Executive and Classic that could be easily replaced if something happened to any of them.

    I also have two older Wengers, one of which is not in production anymore and is apparently not well known, even to SAK fans. I’d like to use it, because the main blade locks open, but I’m afraid I’ll lose or break it. Oh, well. I’ve got other knives. :)

  2. Classy, indeed.

    Where did you find these scales? Would like to find some black too.
    I’m also searching for some Ecoline nylon handles, do you think it’s possible to find?

    Thank you and your nice blog!

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