1993 Dutch Army Knife by Victorinox

This is the previous model of the Dutch Army Knife (DAK), made by Victorinox. It is the same as the 111mm Centurion model, but without the tweezers and toothpick and with a Dutch military logo embossed in the front scale.

It was first issued in 1993 and had been the standard knife for the Dutch military until it was replaced by a new model in 2010. The DAK 2010 has 2 one-handed (OH) opening blades while the 1993 model has only a single, non-OH, liner locking blade.

Victorinox 1993 Dutch Army KnifeWhile this is the 1993 model, I don’t know when these 2 knives were manufactured exactly. They have different tang stamps on the large blade: one has the additional text STAINLESS on the tang, which I think makes that knife a bit newer.

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