December 2010

Victorinox Executive - orange peeler with fine teeth

Victorinox (Victoria) Executive

This is a pretty old Executive. It has the Victoria stamp on the tang of the main blade, aluminum tipped tweezers and the older style scissors (with a single leaf spring). The orange peeler has finer teeth than current Executive knives like this green Executive and this older, smooth alox one. The red cellidor scales …

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Victorinox Traveller

Victorinox (original) Traveller

The (original) Traveller is basically a Climber without key ring. This particular one has the Victorinox shield and cross on the back scale, since there is a metal inlaid company logo on the front. This knife is from before 1985 (because the awl/reamer has no sewing eye). Note the fluted corkscrew and the absence of …

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