Year: 2010

Victorinox 108mm knives

Victorinox 108mm knives

These knives are from the 108mm Victorinox knives. The 108mm range started when Victorinox began making the German Army Knife (GAK) to specification for the German army. Based on the GAK, a couple of other knives have been available until recently. There are a limited number of different tools in the series and the 108mm …

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Victorinox Jubilee Series Climber - 125 years

Victorinox Jubilee Series Climber

This Climber is part of the Jubilee Series which Victorinox released in 2009, celebrating their 125th anniversary. The knife has red cellidor scales with a nice pattern of the Swiss shield and cross printed in gold. It has a “125 YEARS YOUR COMPANION FOR LIFE” logo etched on the main blade. The series also included …

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Victorinox Elsener Soldier's knife

Elsener Soldier’s knife

This is a Soldier, made by Elsener (which was renamed Victorinox AG later on). The 1891 model of the soldier’s knife was 100mm in length and had wooden handles. The redesigned model 1951 was slightly smaller (93mm) and had brown fiber scales. The one in the picture has fiber scales but measures 100mm. Also, there …

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Victorinox 1897-1997 Spartan

Victorinox Spartans

Here are a couple of nice Victorinox Spartans :) The 1897-1997 one is a limited edition: the number 32211 is stamped in the corkscrew liner. I also have the 100 years SwissChamp. I have a couple of other non-standard Spartans as well, including some Michel Jordi ones,  a blue “Spirit of Greece” model and a …

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Translucent 58mm Victorinox knives

58mm Translucent Victorinox SAKs

Just a picture of a couple of 58mm Victorinox key chain knives in translucent cellidor. The green (emerald) ones are Midnite Managers (which feature the very useful combo tool). The blue ones (light and dark sapphire) are Signature Lites. The ruby one is a SwissLite and came in a set which also contained a ruby …

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Victorinox smooth alox Executive

Alox Victorinox Executive – Gold

This is another Victorinox Executive. It’s a smooth, alox version in gold. Well, gold colored anyway (there actually is a 14kt gold version as well). It is a bit older than the green Executive I showed earlier: it has the older, single leaf type scissors which disappeared in 1975, according to Victorinox. Update: Thanks to …

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Victorinox 1291-1991 Sportsman

Victorinox 1291-1991 Sportsman

This 84mm Victorinox Sportsman has a picture of William Tell and his son printed on the front scale. It is part of a kit that also contains a cassette tape with Swiss Music. The kit was probably issued for the 700 year anniversary of Switzerland (Confoederatio Helvetica) in 1991, but the knife itself was not …

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