Month: March 2011

Victorinox 75mm alox pen knife - painted shield with thick lines

Victorinox 75mm alox pen knife

This is a nice single layer pen knife in red smooth alox. It has only 2 blades and, measuring only 75mm, it’s a very small, thin, light weight knife. It’s almost the same as the current Secretary and Pocket Pal models, but it’s 1cm smaller. You can see the size difference in one of the …

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Victorinox Explorer - old style mangifier

Victorinox Explorer

The Victorinox Explorer is basically a Climber with an extra layer. The added tools are a magnifying glass and an inline Phillips screwdriver. This one was made before 1991 since there is no hook on the back side of the scissors layer. Also, the corkscrew is fluted and there is a very thin key ring …

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Victorinox Soldier 79

Victorinox Soldier 79

This is an alox Victorinox Soldier. This one was issued in 1979 (it has 79 stamped on the tang). There is a Waffen Kontrol (WK) stamp on the front scale and the knife has a hollow bottom rivet for a shackle/bail or a lanyard. You can read all about the different Soldier variants on SAKWiki …

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Victorinox red alox Cadet II

Victorinox red alox Cadet II

The Cadet is a nice, slim, 2 layer 84mm Swiss Army Knive with alox scales, currently available in several different colors. This one has a small blade instead of a nail file which predates the current tool configuration but is (unofficially) called Cadet II. This one is pretty old, given that it has ribbed alox …

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Victorinox and Amefa Dutch Army knives

More Victorinox and Amefa DAKs

More Dutch Army knives, made by Victorinox and Amefa! And one Victorinox Solder (bottom right). This is a 1998 soldier with the Waffen Kontrol stamp on the front scale, and a hollow rivet.

Amefa Dutch Army Knife - KL70

Victorinox and Amefa DAKs

Here are a couple of Dutch Army Knives. The brown one is made by Amefa (the Apeldoornse MEssenFAbriek or knife factory of Apeldoorn). It’s in pretty bad shape, but hey, it’s 41 years old :) The brass liners look good though. Real nail breaker this one. The KL 83 one is made by Victorinox. It …

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