Victorinox Explorer - old style mangifier

Victorinox Explorer

The Victorinox Explorer is basically a Climber with an extra layer. The added tools are a magnifying glass and an inline Phillips screwdriver.

Victorinox Explorer

This one was made before 1991 since there is no hook on the back side of the scissors layer. Also, the corkscrew is fluted and there is a very thin key ring attachment point near the corkscrew. On newer knives (post 1991), the key ring attaches to the back spring on the reamer/awl side of the knife.

Around 2007 the magnifier was redesigned. The current magnifying glass is made of plastic. The older style is made of real glass fitted inside a plastic housing. Check SAKWiki for more info on the magnifying glass.

This black Explorer is in almost mint condition. It looks like it has never been used. It has probably been sitting in someone’s drawer for 2 decades ;)