Month: August 2011

More Victorinox alox Dutch Army Knives

Here are some more Dutch Army Knives. These were issued in 1983 and 1985. Check out the bails on these! Also, note that the opener tools are not polished, unlike the current alox models (Pioneer, Farmer, etc.).

Victorinox Master Craftsman (1965-1968)

1960s Victorinox Master Craftsman

This is a Victorinox Master Craftsman from the late 1960s. It has some nice features like a shackle/bail, alumin(iu)m tipped tweezers, a small clip point blade and the old style scissors. Pictures will follow later (I took several close ups, but the image quality is very poor ;) ).

Victorinox watch-case opener

Victorinox 84mm watch-opener

The Victorinox watch-opener (or watch-case opener) is an unusual knife. It is related to the Bantam model, but instead of the combo tool it has a special watch-case opener blade. This dedicated blade, which is not sharpened, is used to open the back of watches that use a snap-back case. It’s a 84mm knife with …

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Victorinox Dutch Army Knife - KL91

Victorinox alox DAK (Dutch Army Knife)

Here is another Victorinox KL91 Dutch Army Knife. It’s in very good condition: it is 20 years old but I don’t think it was actually used! Listed on EDC Source Sold! ;)