Victorinox watch-case opener

Victorinox 84mm watch-opener

The Victorinox watch-opener (or watch-case opener) is an unusual knife. It is related to the Bantam model, but instead of the combo tool it has a special watch-case opener blade. This dedicated blade, which is not sharpened, is used to open the back of watches that use a snap-back case. It’s a 84mm knife with nylon scales and a hot-stamped shield and cross. There is also a smooth alox version of the watch-opener knife, but that one has a slimmer

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Victorinox Battle of Murten - laser etching

Victorinox Battle Series: Battle of Murten

The Battle of Murten was released in 1989 to commemorate the battle of Murten (or Morat) that took place on June 22, 1476. The knife is part of the Victorinox Swiss Allicances and Battle Series knives. This series of seven knives started in 1983 and ended in 1991. This is a rather special knife. It has a unique tool layout: it is basically a Spartan with fish scaler tool (or an Angler without pliers). There is a silver battle scene

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Victorinox Classic Limited Edition 2011

Victorinox has just announced a new series of Limited Edition Classic knives. They come in 10 different designs and will be available until June 2012. I like the Technology Trash design. But I don’t understand why it’s always the Classic that gets the fancy scales :( Victorinox, please make these scales available on the bigger knives! Or, just give us 91mm replacement scales like these ones! :)  

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