Victorinox 84mm watch-opener

The Victorinox watch-opener (or watch-case opener) is an unusual knife. It is related to the Bantam model, but instead of the combo tool it has a special watch-case opener blade. This dedicated blade, which is not sharpened, is used to open the back of watches that use a snap-back case.

Victorinox watch-case openerIt’s a 84mm knife with nylon scales and a hot-stamped shield and cross. There is also a smooth alox version of the watch-opener knife, but that one has a slimmer profile and is related to the Secretary, Pocket Pal and Excelsior models.

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  1. Interesting! I ruined my chisel (though it’s perhaps the easiest of all blades to sharpen) opening snap-back watch cases. Guess I should get myself one of these :)

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