December 21, 2011

Victorinox Tomo

Victorinox Tomo

Earlier this year Victorinox introduced the Tomo, a new model based on the popular Classic. The Tomo is designed by Kazuma Yamaguchi (Abitax) and comes in a range of bright colors. There is also a (white) pouch available. I really like the packaging which is made from recycled material, a bit like an egg carton. … Read more

Victorinox Victoria Champion (146 fmaU)

Vintage Victorinox (Victoria) Champion

This is a Victora stamped Champion. It was probably known as model number 146 fmaU at that time (around the 1970s). Notice the long nail file on the back which shares its layer with the scissors. I also have the exact same model but with the triangular awl.

Victorinox Officer's Knife (Cadet) - Rose Edition

Victorinox Officer’s Knife 84mm (Cadet) – Rose Edition

This is a very nice, special edition Swiss Army Knife. It is basically a Cadet with translucent rose colored cellidor scales. It was introduced in, I think, 2007 and it was aimed at the European market. It is one of the very few cellidor models without any backside tools.