Victorinox Director with polished stainless steel scales

Victorinox Director – brushed stainless scales

Here’s a quite uncommon Victorinox Director. It has smooth, polished stainless steel scales. Most Director SAKs come with stainless steel scales with a guilloché pattern, similar to this Windsor, or this one, for example. The Director has the same tools as the Executive, but usually comes without a key ring.  

Victorinox (Elinox) Standard

Victorinox (Elinox) Standard

This Elinox branded Standard is similar to a Spartan, but it has no key ring and no tweezers & toothpick and it has the old Elinox shield and cross on the front. Also note the clip-point small blade, +PAT can opener, solid awl and the five-turn corkscrew.

Victorinox (Victoria) horn scaled pocket knife with clip-point blade

Victorinox (Victoria) horn scaled pocket knife

This is a rather old Victoria pocket knife with a clip-point blade, horn scales, brass liners and exposed rivets. It measures 89mm (closed). According to some old catalogues this model was known as 292H and part of the Gardener‘s line of pocket knives.