Horn scaled Victoria Armée Suisse Spartan

This is one of my older knives, in fact I think only my early 1900s Soldier’s knife is older than this one. It has roughly the same configuration as the modern day Spartan so that’s what I am calling it, though years ago these knives probably only had a model number.

Victorinox Victoria Armée Suisse 234 H Spartan

I think this knife is from the 1940s. A good indication is the “lobster claw” type can opener that was only available for a small period of time and that was replaced by the modern version in 1951. Other nice vintage features are the triangular awl, a beefier large blade with a thicker spine than current knives, a clip point small blade and a five-turn, fluted corkscrew. The bottle opener is of a different design as well and the liners are nickle silver instead of aluminum.

7 thoughts on “Horn scaled Victoria Armée Suisse Spartan”

  1. This is a very nice piece. Note too the position of the nail nick on the main blade is more centered. This is due to the old lobster claw style can opener. Armee Suisse models are some of my favorites.

    1. Yes I did notice that :)
      I agree with you on the Armée Suisse models. This particular one may actually be my favorite SAK in my collection.
      You may recognize it from EDC Source by the way :)

  2. I’m fortunate enough to have picked up a knife just like this at an antique sale, only mine has the usual red cellidor handles. Not to be forthright, but how much do you think one’s worth? Mine is in as good or better shape than the one in your pictures, IMO. It may just look better because I cleaned it. I got it for $15, but I feel like that was a steal. What do you think? Thanks in advance!

      1. If yours has the exact same tool configuration and exposed rivets than it may actually be worth quite a bit! Maybe you can search through eBay listings that have ended to see what they went for.

        1. Thanks for the advice :) Would you happen to have any other info on how old the knife is or what the model is called? I was surprised to learn that they stopped using the can-opener design in ’51.

          By rivets, do you mean the pins that the tools rotate on? This is my first SAK, so I don’t know a whole lot.

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