Victorinox set "Elle et Lui" - back

Victorinox Valentine’s set “Elle et Lui”

French combo set no. 3 :) This nice set has a Valentine’s Day theme and consists of a purple/pink Classic (for her) and a blue Spartan (for him). Both knives have little hearts printed on the front and the back. “Elle et Lui” means “Her and Him” in French. The Victorinox shield and cross are on the back side of the knives. The box also contains a card for a message to your loved one… I left it blank but

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Victorinox "Space Shuttle" Master Craftsman

Victorinox Space Shuttle Master Craftsman

The Master Craftsman is a five layer Swiss Army Knife which includes a metal saw/file and a wood saw. All five layers have a backside tool. The Master Craftsman is closely related to the Ranger which has a corkscrew instead of a Phillips screwdriver. This version features an inlaid image of the Space Shuttle. It is sometimes referred to as the Astronaut model. More information on this model can be found on SAKWiki.

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