5 thoughts on “Victorinox (Elinox) Standard”

  1. Hi, …

    This model was made in 1958. I have the same one and after searching trough a lot of catalogs and websites I stumbled upon this knife in a 1958 catalog. Just to let you know… And, I’m a big fan of your website!!!



    1. Hi,

      I search a lot of websites and i found info, that this knife with +PAT on can opener are build between 1961-1971.


  2. i have this type of model , there was no logo on the scales but on the right tang stamp was victorinox and at the back was victoria, what model this kind of swiss knife? thank you

  3. hi reinier, sorry for not intruducing myself, im not a collector but im a big fan also of saks, i have 40 different model of saks, i have limited edition,discontinued saks also, maybe i can call myself collector right now! it started when i got my 1st sak huntsman 2004, still have my huntsman, “love it very much really a companion”. i’d like to post all my saks to share it to you and to other sak lovers, how can i post to your site. thank you so much.



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