Victorinox Secretary

A nice Victorinox Secretary with smooth gray alox scales. I don’t really collect knives with company logos but for VICTORINOX IBACH – SCHWYZ I can make an exception :)

Victorinox Ibach Schwyz Secretary

Update: I’ve seen older versions of the exact same knife but with VICTORIA IBACH – SCHWYZ on the front scale.

1 thought on “Victorinox Secretary”

  1. Hi, i found your blog due me stumbling upon a mint Excelsior apparently from 1960’s? It is red though and has the small v in Victorinox and a “Solo” Elinox logo on other side. Seems there were some red ones that early too! Anyway get in touch as i may be able to get one for you as they had a few! Absolutely mint! email me if you are interested i am based in London, UK.


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