Victorinox Climber – London flagship store

I recently bought this Climber on a trip to London. It is available in the Victorinox Flasghip Store New Bond Street. On the front of the ruby red scales you can see the coordinates where the flagship store is located. The back scale features a (faux) skyline of London, including  the Shard, the London Eye and the Tower Bridge. The skyline is printed in white, as is the text on the front.  Brunnen, Ibach, Düsseldorf, Rio de Janeiro and São Paolo versions exist as well, and probably more.

victorinox-climber-london-flagship-store-01 victorinox-climber-london-flagship-store-02

You could probably buy this knife somewhere online as well, but I think as a souvenir knife you should really get it in the Bond Street Store. By the way, you can build your own Spartan there, they have a genuine SAK assembly machine.


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  1. Cool. I bought the Rio one at a stand at Sugar Loaf. No way to attach pix here, but it has the Aquaduct, Sugar Loaf, Christ the Redeemer and the Maracana stadium on it.

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