6 thoughts on “Victorinox stag horn Camper”

  1. I have a similar (yet different) knife that has no rivets and no attachment for the ‘keyring”. Instead of the short sharp blade it has a blunt end curved skinning blade the same length as the long blade. on one end where a rivet might be, there is just a opening where i long ago installed a piece of paracord to facilitate an easy retrieval from my back pocket. I contacted Victorinox about this knife and they had to escelate my inquiry to a ‘historian’ and I still didn’t get any sort of answer about its history. I thought you would be interested BTW i used to carry this knife even on commercial flights. circa 1980

      1. Hello Reinier, I liked your picture, so I built some stag horn scales and put them on a Huntsman. The 2 inner rivets are hidden below the scales and were fitted first, before I added the 2 outer exposed rivets. Thanks for showing your SAK and providing some inspiration for me. The website is a link to the thread on the build.

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