Rotating Victorinox display case

I found this Victorinox store display case/cabinet a while ago in Belgium. It is made of thick steel with curved glass doors on front and back. It is super heavy, I believe it’s over 20 kg! Quality is superb. There is room for small catalogs/leaflets on both sides. It rotates around a solid base. Also, the doors can be locked.

Neat feature about this cabinet is that one of the doors has a double hinge, not only the glass front opens but also part of the cabinet itself opens up to reveal a big storage compartment. It’s where I now store most of my NIB knives (these photos are pretty old).

As you can see it has small magnets which can be used to attach a couple of SAKs on both sides of the cabinet. I found out the small ones are not that useful as they struggle to hold bigger knives. So I ordered a bunch of neodymium magnets the other day.

It also came with a bunch of knives; I gave most of them away and sold a few.

victorinox-display-cabinet-01 victorinox-display-cabinet-02

I wonder if I ever posted pics of the wooden display case you can see in the back?

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