Victorinox SwissChamp with rosewood scales

The Victorinox SwissChamp is arguably the most iconic Swiss Army Knife. It’s the largest regular knife although several larger models primarily aimed at collectors exist, like the SwissChamp XLT, SwissChamp XXLT and SwissChamp XAVT.

For me, my interest in SAKs started back in the 1990s when I borrowed a friend’s SwissChamp. That’s why this iconic knife will always have a special meaning :)

Victorinox SwissChamp with rosewood scales

This particular SwissChamp is dressed in rosewood scales which have a nice dark brown color, especially compared to the hardwood SwissChamp I showed years ago. Slight downside of the wood scales is the fact that the shield and cross are painted instead of inlaid.

This knife is probably from 1992. Around that time the multi-purpose hook and scissors pivot were introduced, and the main blade tang stamp (VSSR/OS with touching cross) was used until 1992 according to the Tang Stamp Guide on SAKWiki.

1 thought on “Victorinox SwissChamp with rosewood scales”

  1. Srdjan Acimovic Kedl

    Looks nice. I’m looking for bright blue scales for my SwissChamp, with slot for toothpick, tweezers, pen and pin. Any suggestions? Thx!

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