Victorinox Delémont RangerGrip 74

The Victorinox Delémont collection consists of several models in 65mm, 85mm and 130mm. These are basically the Victorinox versions of Wenger SAKs that existed prior to the merger of the two companies.

Victorinox Delémont RangerGrip 74

Fold-out pliers

The RangerGrip 74 features big, fold-out needle-nose pliers and they are awesome. I really like how they are designed and engineered. The pliers are large, sturdy and quite comfortable to use.

RangerGrip 74 – fold-out pliers

Liner-locking main blade

The main blade is fairly large which is to be expected on a SAK that big. I like how it sort of looks like a shark – at least to me it does. The locking blade is not one hand opening and the serrations as found on this knife’s cousin the RangerGrip 174 Handyman are absent.

Victorinox Delémont RangerGrip 74 – main blade (plain edge, non-OHO)

The liner lock is operated by a button on the front scale, disguised as a Victorinox emblem. Unfortunately, there is some damage on the scale.

RangerGrip liner-lock button

It’s the girth that counts

Measuring 130mm, the RangerGrip knives are among the largest in the Victorinox line-up. And thanks to its beefy fold-out pliers the RangerGrip 74 is a seriously big SAK.

This is a big SAK thanks to those pliers

Back layer tools

Just like the 111mm SAKs, these big RangerGrip knives have few back layer tools. I’m not sure if any of the 91mm tools could be redesigned to fit – the folding mechanism of the pliers probably just takes up too much spaces.

Why choose a 130mm SAK?

I’m not sure why one would prefer to carry a big 111mm, 120mm or 130mm SAK when the brilliant Victorionx SwissTool and Spirit exist. Personally, I would choose a plier-based multitool like the excellent Spirit over one of those beefy SAKs any day. But it’s a good thing to have the option I guess.

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