Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

My Victorinox Swiss Army Knives. Mostly in 74mm and 91mm but in other sizes as well. Vintage ones and modern ones, with cellidor scales or wood, stainless steel, alox or other exotic materials.
Some of these knives have been sold.

Victorinox Delémont RangerGrip 74

The Victorinox Delémont collection consists of several models in 65mm, 85mm and 130mm. These are basically the Victorinox versions of Wenger SAKs that existed prior to the merger of the two companies. Fold-out pliers The RangerGrip 74 features big, fold-out needle-nose pliers and they are awesome. I really like how they are designed and engineered.

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Victorinox Executive – White

This Executive is wearing white cellidor scales. Strangely enough this color is fairly uncommon for 74mm Swiss Army knives. Victorinox recently announced colored toothpicks, tweezers and micro scredrivers in red, blue, green and black. Dark red (maroon?) tweezers have been available for years in the Limitied Edition Classics. I thought I’d try one of those

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