A couple of yellow Victorinox knives

It’s almost summer and all the sunny days we’ve had recently prompted me to post some bright, shiny, yellow Swiss Army Knives. Yellow is quite an unusual color in cellidor, even though some yellow 91mm models should be readily available new. 74mm SAKs with yellow scales are fairly rare, while in 58mm it’s one of the standard colors. The knives in the photo are an Excecutive with cheesy ( ;) ) advertising scales, a Mountaineer, a Spartan with the Canton

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Victorinox brass scaled Rambler

A while back I won a Donation Draw on Multitool.org. I think it was the third time I won :) The prize was a custom made Rambler with textured brass scales, a brass liner and nickel silver tweezers. Bob (syph007) did an excellent job. The Rambler used to be very shiny (check the photos on MTo), but it has developed a nice patina after having EDC’d it for a couple of months.    

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Victorinox set "Elle et Lui" - back

Victorinox Valentine’s set “Elle et Lui”

French combo set no. 3 :) This nice set has a Valentine’s Day theme and consists of a purple/pink Classic (for her) and a blue Spartan (for him). Both knives have little hearts printed on the front and the back. “Elle et Lui” means “Her and Him” in French. The Victorinox shield and cross are on the back side of the knives. The box also contains a card for a message to your loved one… I left it blank but

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