Victorinox blue alox Ambassador

I really like the 74mm line of Victorinox Swiss Army knives. My EDC is a black cellidor Executive, but this one is an Ambassador which has only one layer and fewer tools. Usually, Ambassadors come with cellidor scales but other materials have been available as well, like the RocKnives, gold scales and mother of pearl. I don’t think alox scaled Ambassadors ever had there own official name, or maybe Lady Victoria. This blue one has a company logo on the

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Victorinox RocKnives series Ambassador - Rosa Betha (2)

Victorinox RocKnives series Ambassador – Rosa Betha

In 1988, Victorinox introduced the RocKnives series consisting of 6 Ambassador knives. These knives have polished stone handles from 6 different regions of the world. In 1989, these Ambassadors were followed by matching Bijou (Classic) knives. The scales on this one are made of Rosa Betha granite, from the Italian island of Sardinia. The RocKnives were sold in a nice gift box, but unfortunately this one came without a box :(  

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