Victorinox Spartan – Zurich 2014 European Athletics Championships

These Victorinox Spartans are pretty cool. They were made for the 2014 European Athletics Championships which were held in Zurich. Check out the unusual scale colors! I had seen these SAKs on another collector’s blog but had never been able to acquire them. Until I got into contact with a SAK enthusiast in Portugal. He … Read more

Victorinox Spartans in unusual colors

A trio of Spartans, but with a special twist. These three colors are far from usual. I’ve seen some orange ones with company logos. This one may be identical to those. The middle one is dark blue/purple. Maybe aubergine? Could be Festool blue, I will check later. On the right is olive drab green. Perhaps … Read more

Victorinox Executive – White

This Executive is wearing white cellidor scales. Strangely enough this color is fairly uncommon for 74mm Swiss Army knives. Victorinox recently announced colored toothpicks, tweezers and micro scredrivers in red, blue, green and black. Dark red (maroon?) tweezers have been available for years in the Limitied Edition Classics. I thought I’d try one of those … Read more

Victorinox Handyman – I.N.O.X. Sky High Limited Edition

In September 2017 Victorinox introduced a new version of their I.N.O.X. watch called the Sky High Limited Edition. While the watch is pretty cool the reason why I bought it was the Handyman that was included in the gift box. It’s a regular Handyman but with white scales with the famous astronaut inlay on the … Read more

Victorinox Fieldmaster “Mexico”

This is an awesome Victorinox Fieldmaster made for the Mexican market. It has a lot of unusual details like the uncommon nylon pouch with yellow piping, yellow tweezer head and translucent black scales. I think these actually differ from the onyx scales that were available some years ago. I’m not sure about total production numbers … Read more

Victorinox Fieldmaster House of Switzerland 2017

In 2017 Victorinox introduced this Limited Edition Fieldmaster dedicated to the Ski World Championship in St. Moritz. This SAK has a nice abstract image of the Swiss alps on the front and a ski with the Victorinox brand name on the back scale. There is a House of Switzerland 2017 laser engraving on the main … Read more

Victorinox Spartan “Alpaufzug”

This white Victoirnox Spartan has a very nice image on the front depicting the traditional Swiss Alpaufzug. This is the yearly tradition of taking the livestock to the higher alpine pastures. In some regions in Switzerland this is a very important festive custom which can take a few days. I should replace that image with … Read more