Victorinox Director with polished stainless steel scales

Victorinox Director – brushed stainless scales

Here’s a quite uncommon Victorinox Director. It has smooth, polished stainless steel scales. Most Director SAKs come with stainless steel scales with a guilloché pattern, similar to this Windsor, or this one, for example. The Director has the same tools as the Executive, but usually comes without a key ring.  

Victorinox Executive - smooth red alox

Victorinox alox Executive

This red Victorinox Executive comes with smooth alox scales. It differs slightly from the gold Executive I posted almost a year ago: this one has the Victoinox cross and shield on the front, it has a key ring and it has no Victoria tang stamp, making it a little younger than the gold Victoria one. …

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Victorinox Executive

Victorinox Executive

Here is another Executive. This one has the older, thin cellidor scales and the older style scissors (with a single leaf spring made of carbon steel). Compared to this Victoria marked Executive, it has newer, plastic tipped tweezers and a different type of nail file (with a textured finish instead of the cross cut design). …

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Victorinox Executive - orange peeler with fine teeth

Victorinox (Victoria) Executive

This is a pretty old Executive. It has the Victoria stamp on the tang of the main blade, aluminum tipped tweezers and the older style scissors (with a single leaf spring). The orange peeler has finer teeth than current Executive knives like this green Executive and this older, smooth alox one. The red cellidor scales …

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Victorinox smooth alox Executive

Alox Victorinox Executive – Gold

This is another Victorinox Executive. It’s a smooth, alox version in gold. Well, gold colored anyway (there actually is a 14kt gold version as well). It is a bit older than the green Executive I showed earlier: it has the older, single leaf type scissors which disappeared in 1975, according to Victorinox. Update: Thanks to …

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Green Victorinox Executive

Green Victorinox Executive

This is a Victorinox Executive. It features an unusual tool: the orange peeler, which is basically a small serrated blade with a flat head screwdriver at the end. While the Executive is still in the lineup, this particular knife was made before 1991, since the scissors have a screw. The riveted scissors were introduced in …

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