Victorinox Limited Edition 2013 Damascus Explorer “Carl Elsener”

The 2013 edition in the Victorinox Damascus series was a Limited Edition Explorer. The Victorinox Explorer was Carl Elsener Sr.’s favorite SAK model. Elsener passed away in 2013 and to commemorate him Victorinox released this Damascus Limited Edition with his autograph laser etched on the front. The scales are hardwood; the ones on this particular knife (and another one I owned) are perfect but on lots of these the scales are very rough and uneven. The autograph is often very

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Victorinox Explorer - old style mangifier

Victorinox Explorer

The Victorinox Explorer is basically a Climber with an extra layer. The added tools are a magnifying glass and an inline Phillips screwdriver. This one was made before 1991 since there is no hook on the back side of the scissors layer. Also, the corkscrew is fluted and there is a very thin key ring attachment point near the corkscrew. On newer knives (post 1991), the key ring attaches to the back spring on the reamer/awl side of the knife.

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