Victorinox Spartan – Zurich 2014 European Athletics Championships

These Victorinox Spartans are pretty cool. They were made for the 2014 European Athletics Championships which were held in Zurich. Check out the unusual scale colors! I had seen these SAKs on another collector’s blog but had never been able to acquire them. Until I got into contact with a SAK enthusiast in Portugal. He … Read more

Victorinox Spartans in unusual colors

A trio of Spartans, but with a special twist. These three colors are far from usual. I’ve seen some orange ones with company logos. This one may be identical to those. The middle one is dark blue/purple. Maybe aubergine? Could be Festool blue, I will check later. On the right is olive drab green. Perhaps … Read more

Four shades of blue

I am always looking for unusual SAK scales (materials, designs, colors). A couple of days I found a Spartan with light blue scales which I had never seen before. Turns out at least four shades of blue exist in 91mm, of which only one is actually found on regular knives (with item number codes ending … Read more

Victorinox set "Elle et Lui" - back

Victorinox Valentine’s set “Elle et Lui”

French combo set no. 3 :) This nice set has a Valentine’s Day theme and consists of a purple/pink Classic (for her) and a blue Spartan (for him). Both knives have little hearts printed on the front and the back. “Elle et Lui” means “Her and Him” in French. The Victorinox shield and cross are … Read more