Victorinox Delémont RangerGrip 74

The Victorinox Delémont collection consists of several models in 65mm, 85mm and 130mm. These are basically the Victorinox versions of Wenger SAKs that existed prior to the merger of the two companies. Fold-out pliers The RangerGrip 74 features big, fold-out needle-nose pliers and they are awesome. I really like how they are designed and engineered. … Read more

Victorinox Gardener

Two examples of the Victorinox Gardener. This model is also known as Floral Knife and dates back to maybe the 1960s or so. The frame is 100mm and the single sheepsfoot blade has a chisel edge. The black handled one has brass liners and was probably some sort of Premium version.

Victorinox 1291-1991 Spartan “William Tell”

This Spartan was part of the Confoederatio Helvetica series, released in 1991. It has an image of William Tell on the front scale. The other knives in this series had metal inlays. Note that the Ambassador was not part of the series and neither was that Sportsman with music cassette I showed a decade ago. … Read more

Victorinox (Victoria) Accountant with long nail file

This is a pretty cool knife from the 1950s or 1960s, measuring 84mm. I have not really tried to date this but it has all signs of being a vintage knife from that era: Victoria tang stamp, wide version of the long nail file spanning two layers, exposed rivets, metal tipped tweezers. SAK enthusiasts usually … Read more

Victorinox/Victoria Huntsman with long nail file

This is an older version of the Victorinox Huntsman. It’s probably from the 1970s. It features the long nail file on the back side of the scissors layer. That tool has been out of production for years. Unfortunately this one has a broken tip. When this particular knife was sold it was probably known as … Read more

Victorinox Spartan – Jasper – 02-06-2019

This is a Victorinox Spartan. It’s arguably the most basic Swiss Army Knife available, but this particular one happens to be one of my most cherished SAKs. It was a gift from my wife to commemorate the birth of our son Jasper who was born June 2nd, 2019. Our “preemie” was named after the town … Read more