stainless steel

Victorinox Windsor with Formspeed logo

I don’t really collect Swiss Army knives with company logos, but this Formspeed Windsor has a guilloché pattern that had never seen before. It looks rather nice with the wavy lines and Swiss cross.

More 74mm Victorinox knives

Updated collection, with a couple nice items still on their way to me :) Edit: 74mm SAK no. 50 arrived today: a blue/green alox Escort :)

Victorinox Director with polished stainless steel scales

Victorinox Director – brushed stainless scales

Here’s a quite uncommon Victorinox Director. It has smooth, polished stainless steel scales. Most Director SAKs come with stainless steel scales with a guilloché pattern, similar to this Windsor, or this one, for example. The Director has the same tools as the Executive, but usually comes without a key ring.  

Victorinox Windsor - fanned

Victorinox Windsor

Here is another Victorinox Windsor. It is basically the same model as the Windsor shown before, except this one has a different scale design.

Victorinox Windsor

Victorinox Windsor

This is a Victorinox Windsor. A very sleek, slim knife, measuring 74mm in length and featuring a blade, a nail file and scissors. The stainless steel scales are engine turned.