Camo SAKs :)

You may have a hard time seeing them, but there really are 16 camo SAKs in this picture.


I’m Dutch and I like orange SAKs. The CamoFun and Digital Camo ones are in fact white while the other five are actual orange SAKs in five distinct shades/colors. Most of these are quite rare.

American SAKs :)

I bought these two SAKs on a trip to the United States. The one with the stars and stripes scales is a Super Tinker I bought in Portland, Oregon. The Boeing one is a Climber, bought at the Boeing plant in Everett.

Victorinox Tinker Small

Victorinox Tinker Small

The 84mm Tinker (or Tinker Small) is the smaller version of the very popular Tinker model. The Tinker is closely related to the Spartan: the only difference is that the Tinker has a back mounted Phillips screwdriver instead of a corkscrew. This particular Tinker is pretty old, given that the Phillips has a square shaft …

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