April 2020

Victorinox Coach Climbers – black and brown leather

These Climbers are quite cool. The scales are made of leather with the Coach logo on the front and there’s a matching leather lanyard. In addition to these black and brown ones, several other colors were available. I believe they were sold in Coach stores in the US and/or Canada several years ago. They are … Read more

Victorinox Spartan – Michel Jordi

Victorinox once offered a few different Swiss Army Knives in the Michel Jordi Ethno knives series, in both 58mm and 91mm sizes. The 91mm ones were mostly Climbers and Spartans, with plus scales. Available colors were black, green, red and blue.The 91mm Michel Jordi knives all have an intricate edelweiss pattern on the front scale, … Read more

Victorinox Battle Series: Battle of Morgarten

The Victorinox Battle of Morgarten knife was released in 1983 as the first member of the Swiss Battle Series. This Swiss Army Knife is basically a Spartan without key ring and tweezers. There is an intricate metal inlay on the front scale and a very nice laser engraving on the main blade. The knife is … Read more

Victorinox Spartan – Jasper – 02-06-2019

This is a Victorinox Spartan. It’s arguably the most basic Swiss Army Knife available, but this particular one happens to be one of my most cherished SAKs. It was a gift from my wife to commemorate the birth of our son Jasper who was born June 2nd, 2019. Our “preemie” was named after the town … Read more

Victorinox Climber “Antwerp”

This nice Climber was a special order for De Messenwinkel, a knife store in Antwerp, Belgium. The nice diamonds/hands pattern on the black scales was designed by one of the store employees. This Climber was offered on Pocket Knife Day in March 2019.

Victorinox Limited Edition Karl Elsener Coin Set

In 2018 Victorinox issued this nice limited edition set in memory of Karl Elsener who had passed away a century before. The set consists of a white Huntsman with Karl Elsener’s signature on the front scale and a unique CHF 20 coin. The coin shows a picture of a Victorinox Huntsman knife.The SAK and coin … Read more