Black Victorinox (Elinox) Standard

This is an Elinox Standard with black cellidor scales. I had never seen black scales with the vintage awl before. Does anyone recognize the logo?

Vintage, horn scaled 84mm SAKs

Two nice vintage items. Both with horn scales and in 84mm. The older one (stamped Inoxyd/Armée Suisse) has the pre-1940s opener layer, the old style reamer and brass liners. It has a taper towards the end, with the blade layer being quite a bit thicker near the small clip point blade pivot. This is a …

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Victorinox (Elinox) Standard

Victorinox (Elinox) Standard

This Elinox branded Standard is similar to a Spartan, but it has no key ring and no tweezers & toothpick and it has the old Elinox shield and cross on the front. Also note the clip-point small blade, +PAT can opener, solid awl and the five-turn corkscrew.