Victorinox (Victoria) Champion – Mother of Pearl

This Victoria stamped Champion is one of my absolute favorites in my collection. Not only does it have all the vintage tools like a clip-point small blade, long nail file, old scissors with single black leaf spring, +PAT can opener and old style saws, it also has beautiful mother of pearl scales and it is … Read more

Victorinox Victoria Champion (146 fmaU)

Vintage Victorinox (Victoria) Champion

This is a Victora stamped Champion. It was probably known as model number 146 fmaU at that time (around the 1970s). Notice the long nail file on the back which shares its layer with the scissors. I also have the exact same model but with the triangular awl.

1980s Victorinox Champion - fanned

Victorinox Champion

This is a Victoinox Champion from the early 1980s. The Champion was the biggest model in the Victorinox lineup, until it was replaced as the top model by the even bigger SwissChamp in 1985. It was still offered in following years and it underwent the usual changes throughout the years (reamer with sewing eye, chisel, … Read more