More 74mm Victorinox knives

Updated collection, with a couple nice items still on their way to me :) Edit: 74mm SAK no. 50 arrived today: a blue/green alox Escort :)

Victorinox Tomo

Victorinox Tomo

Earlier this year Victorinox introduced the Tomo, a new model based on the popular Classic. The Tomo is designed by Kazuma Yamaguchi (Abitax) and comes in a range of bright colors. There is also a (white) pouch available. I really like the packaging which is made from recycled material, a bit like an egg carton. …

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Victorinox CyberTool 29

Victorinox CyberTool 29

The Victorinox CyberTool 29 was introduced in 2000. It adds plus scales and a Bit driver to the basic Spartan model. The bit driver and bit holder are unique to the CyberTool models (and some collectors knives like the SwissChamp XAVT). All CyberTool models come with 4 different, double sided bits, including flat head, Pozidriv, …

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Victorinox Bavarian Huntsman

Victorinox Huntsman – Bavarian Palace Department

The Bavarian Palace Department, or Bayerischen Schlösserverwaltung, sells Victorinox Swiss Army Knives in their online store. This Huntsman has a nice light blue pattern with Swans, Lions and Bavarian shields. There is a laser engraved text on the main blade.