Victorinox Spartan with digital haptic 3D scales – stone

A few years ago Victorinox started offering a new 3D printing technique for promotional knives. The digital haptic 3D scales feature raised surfaces that feel realistic to the touch. This particular Victorinox Spartan has those 3D scales with a stone-like surface. This Spartan was made for the 2017 Unspunnen festival in Interlaken, Switzerland.

Victorinox Grand Prix

The Victorinox Grand Prix is a four-layer Swiss Army knife. This model was introduced in 1980 and in the following years (up until about 1995) it underwent the usual changes in tools like the addition of the hook in 1991. The unique feature of the Grand Prix is the inlay of a classic Ford Model …

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Victorinox 75mm Student with imitation tortoise shell scales

This small pocket knife was listed in the 1940s Elsener/Victoria catalogue. It was known as 50CT: 50 = the Student config (75mm, two blades), CT = Celluloid Tortoise. I’m putting this under cellidor although this knife predates the cellidor scaled SAKs. Old celluloid has the tendency to decay and shrink. These tortoise celluloid scales however …

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