Victorinox Spartan – Schloss Neuschwanstein

This is my third fourth Swiss Army Knife made for KulturGut AG, related to my Bavarian Palace Department Spartan, my Bayerischen Schlösserverwaltung Huntsman and my Kaiserburg Spartan (I just realised I bought that Kaiserburg one a year ago).

All four of those SAKs have a similar, but not identical laser etching on the blade.

This Spartan has a picture of Neuschwanstein Castle on the front and some text, a blue banner and a gold Victorinox shield on the back scale. Funny thing about that shield and cross is that it’s smaller than usual and placed differently. But I forgot to take a picture of it. Instead, you can just take a look on the Kulturgut AG website where you can also order this knife (and others).

EDIT 20201110: The KulturGut website has been changed and it is TERRIBLE now. Usability = none. And no more SAKs.


I usually only buy souvenir knives at the actual place but I just like these ones so much that I had to have them. I guess I should plan a trip to Neuschwanstein Castle to make up for it.

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