Victorinox 74mm Travel Sprays

Over the last few years I’ve added ten different variations of the 74mm Travel Spray to my collection. I’ve never used one and they are a bit of a weird gimmick, but somehow I really like these. I’m a big fan of the 74mm line of Swiss Army Knives and I like the scale designs of these travel sprays.

Ten different scale variations of the 74mm refillable travel spray by Victorinox

Most of these match one particular Swiss Army fragrance, with some exceptions like the one with the flag of Brazil. These refillable travel sprays were mostly sold combined with the matching fragrance, but some were sold individually. As silly as these are, I like them. They are fairly hard to obtain as well.

Here’s a nice little video Victorinox made a few years ago:

Victorinox Swiss Army Fragrance Refillable Travel Spray video

At leas two additional style were available at one point: regular black scales and scales with a nice pink floral pattern, matching the Ella fragrance line.

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