Victorinox (Victoria) Champion – Mother of Pearl

This Victoria stamped Champion is one of my absolute favorites in my collection. Not only does it have all the vintage tools like a clip-point small blade, long nail file, old scissors with single black leaf spring, +PAT can opener and old style saws, it also has beautiful mother of pearl scales and it is in mint condition.

Victorinox (Victoria) Champion – Mother of Pearl

According to the tang stamp (obverse: Victorinox Switzerland Stainless Rostfrei; reverse: Victoria Officier Suisse and crossbow) and some of the tool designs this Champion was probably made between 1971 and 1973.

MoP scales on a Victoria Champion. Tweezer head is nickel silver
Victoria Champion – full alumin(i)um liners

Note that this knife has “full” liners without indents. Later models have contoured liners in order to stop the tools from rubbing against the liners. The liners are alumin(i)um where I half expected them to be nickel silver.

Victorinox (Victoria) Champion – back layer tools including the long nail file

This vintage version of the Champion has just three back layer tools, because the more modern ones (chisel, hook, fine screwdriver) had not been invented yet. Also, the hook’s place has been taken by the super awesome long nail file. Also note the five turn fluted corkscrew.

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