Victorinox Handyman – I.N.O.X. Sky High Limited Edition

In September 2017 Victorinox introduced a new version of their I.N.O.X. watch called the Sky High Limited Edition. While the watch is pretty cool the reason why I bought it was the Handyman that was included in the gift box. It’s a regular Handyman but with white scales with the famous astronaut inlay on the front. It’s limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide and it features a white paracord keychain matching the Naimakka strap of the watch.

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Red Victorinox Handyman

Victorinox Handyman

The Handyman is a pretty large, 6 layer Swiss Army Knife. It adds scissors, pliers, a wood saw, a metal saw (with metal file and nail file), a chisel, a fine screwdriver and (since 1991) a multi-purpose hook to the basis Spartan model. The one in the pictures is an older knife since it has no multi-purpose hook, it has a “fluted” corkscrew and the scissors have a screw.  It was probably made between 1985 and 1991. This knife does

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