Victorinox Spartan with Evolution logo

This is a Spartan SAK with a pretty cool “Tool Evolution” logo. This logo was also used on t-shirts, playing cards and other Victorinox items. It’s a pretty high resolution image with lots of detail. I have also seen Climbers with the same logo.

Victorinox Spartan with Evolution logoThis Spartan came in a nice gift tin.


10 thoughts on “Victorinox Spartan with Evolution logo”

  1. Do victorinox really make playing cards ?!

    What about their quality and where can I get them from ??

    Because I am in the search for a good deck of playing cards

    1. Yes, the playing cards do exist. Ask Teofilo and/or edap617 @ the forums :)
      Those cards were aimed at collectors though and are quite hard to find. Since you are looking for decent playing cards you can (and will) actually use I would search elsewhere if I were you ;)

    1. Hi Marios,
      I have only seen 2 of these for sale in the last year. A Climber and a Spartan, both on eBay. The Spartan is the one I bought ;)
      I will keep my eyes open for you!


  2. Reinier,
    this is is nice one… great that you share in your site.
    ebay has popped up really nice theme, but its always non shipping to my home..

  3. Thanks for such a great site. I just discovered it and love your collection. The Tool Evolution one is so handsome and on my “must get” list. I also am intrigued by the unique European ones you have on here with gorgeous illustrated scales. I’m tempted to save up and order those too.

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