Victorinox Executive with mammoth tusk ivory scales

In November 2011 Victorinox released a rather unique version of the 74mm Executive mode featuring hand crafted mammoth tusk ivory scales. It came in a nice gift box with a cloth sleeve and a small leaflet with some information on the material used.

Victorinox Mammoth Tusk Executive with gift box, sleeve and information leaflet

According to sources close to Victorinox and based on pictures I’ve seen there were lots of problems with the fit and finish of these scales. Mammoth Ivory is a hard material to work with and several of these knives have cracked or misaligned scales. My Executive is a fairly good one – I picked it from a selection of five or ten different ones – the front and back scales are both pretty nice and smooth. There is a crack showing on one of the sides.

Mammoth tusk ivory scales showing some cracks

No tweezers and toothpick, but there is a keyring.

Since this Swiss Army knife was only released in the United States it only has a Swiss Army model number: 53404.

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