Victorinox (Victoria) Accountant with long nail file

This is a pretty cool knife from the 1950s or 1960s, measuring 84mm. I have not really tried to date this but it has all signs of being a vintage knife from that era: Victoria tang stamp, wide version of the long nail file spanning two layers, exposed rivets, metal tipped tweezers. SAK enthusiasts usually refer to these knives by the Accountant name. They were also available without scissors and with different scale materials like horn, stainless steel (Guilloché) and mother of pearl.

Victorinox (Victoria) Accountant with long nail file

Back in the day this model was known as 75aCr+. The tool config (with scissors and long nail file) was basically the 75 model. The a signified the presence of toothpick and tweezers. Cr+ meant red cellidor with cross and shield.

More modern versions of the Accountant with horn or mother of pearl scales were still available somewhere after the year 2000. It is unknown whether those were produced with remaining old stock long nail files or if those LNFs were actually still in production that recently. Other evidence suggests that the LNF had been out of production for decades.

Also check out the fairly new Climber with long nail file which was still available in 2010.

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