Victorinox (Victoria) Executive

This is a pretty old Executive. It has the Victoria stamp on the tang of the main blade, aluminum tipped tweezers and the older style scissors (with a single leaf spring).

Victorinox Executive with Victoria tang stamp and thin scalesThe orange peeler has finer teeth than current Executive knives like this green Executive and this older, smooth alox one. The red cellidor scales are a little bit thinner than usual. Also, this red Victoria Executive has no keyring.

5 thoughts on “Victorinox (Victoria) Executive”

  1. I recently acquired an Executive with Victoria stamp, 4 exposed rivets and NO tweezers or toothpick. I am curious about the age.

    1. Very nice, I have been looking for 74mm SAKs with exposed rivets for quite a while. Recently I got three of them in a trade (one with bail, one with T&T, one without T&T)

      Vintage 74mm Victorinox knives

      I was told mine are from the mid to late 1950s.

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