Victorinox Classic Zodiac series: Capricorn, with gift box

Victorinox Zodiac Classic: Capricorn

This is a Victorinox Classic (Aries Capricorn) from the (original) Zodiac series. Knives from these series all have one of the zodiac signs inlaid on the front scale. They come in a red gift box with the same sign on the top and have a small key chain attached. I don’t know when Victorinox made these knives. The scissors have a screw, rather than a rivet, so they are pre-1991. They are not extremely rare, but they are not very

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Victorinox Excelsior

Ribbed alox Victorinox Excelsior

I got a nice little Victorinox knife in the mail a couple of days ago. It’s an Excelsior in silver alox. It’s a pretty basic 84mm, single layer knife with only a large and a small blade. It has the old Swiss cross on the front scales and it looks like the knife has never been used, carried or shapened. It’s in mint condition which is what I prefer ;) It came without the box, unfortunately. Victorinox still make the

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Black Victorinox SAKs

There is a thread on the forums about black Swiss Army knives, with lots of great pictures.  I happen to like black cellidor scales a lot. In fact, it’s one of my favorite scale colors, along with green and any kind of colored alox. Here are some of my black Victorinox SAKs. I have some more, including a black Compact (awesome EDC knife!), more Classics and a black SwissCard: A little info on the knives in the picture: The

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Red Victorinox Traveller and green Camper

Green Victorinox Camper and Red Traveller

Yesterday, I received two Victorinox knives from a nice chap from the Forums. The seller called the red one a Tourist, but I think it’s a Traveller, which is basically a Climber without the keyring. Which is obviously not the same as the modern Traveller (with an electronic timepiece, thermometer, altimeter, etc. in the front scales). This Traveller has a company logo on the front, so the Victorinox logo is on the rear (the corkscrew side). The Camper has

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