Victorinox red alox Cadet II

Victorinox red alox Cadet II

The Cadet is a nice, slim, 2 layer 84mm Swiss Army Knive with alox scales, currently available in several different colors. This one has a small blade instead of a nail file which predates the current tool configuration but is (unofficially) called Cadet II. This one is pretty old, given that it has ribbed alox …

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Victorinox and Amefa Dutch Army knives

More Victorinox and Amefa DAKs

More Dutch Army knives, made by Victorinox and Amefa! And one Victorinox Solder (bottom right). This is a 1998 soldier with the Waffen Kontrol stamp on the front scale, and a hollow rivet.

Amefa Dutch Army Knife - KL70

Victorinox and Amefa DAKs

Here are a couple of Dutch Army Knives. The brown one is made by Amefa (the Apeldoornse MEssenFAbriek or knife factory of Apeldoorn). It’s in pretty bad shape, but hey, it’s 41 years old :) The brass liners look good though. Real nail breaker this one. The KL 83 one is made by Victorinox. It …

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Victorinox smooth alox Executive

Alox Victorinox Executive – Gold

This is another Victorinox Executive. It’s a smooth, alox version in gold. Well, gold colored anyway (there actually is a 14kt gold version as well). It is a bit older than the green Executive I showed earlier: it has the older, single leaf type scissors which disappeared in 1975, according to Victorinox. Update: Thanks to …

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Victorinox Pioneer Harvester

Victorinox Pioneer Harvester

The (Pioneer) Harvester is part of the 93mm Pioneer series. It is based on the two layer Pioneer (the civilian version of the Soldier), but replaces the can opener with a small pruning blade and adds a woodsaw.

Black Victorinox SAKs

There is a thread on the forums about black Swiss Army knives, with lots of great pictures.  I happen to like black cellidor scales a lot. In fact, it’s one of my favorite scale colors, along with green and any kind of colored alox. Here are some of my black Victorinox SAKs. I have …

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