Victorinox Armee one-handed Trekker with corkscrew

Victorinox Armee One-Handed Trekker or Forester

This is an unusual, 111mm one-handed Swiss Army Knife from around 2003. I don’t know it’s exact name, but it’s basically a one-handed Trekker (OHT) with a corkscrew instead of the Phillips screwdriver and with camo scales with an Armee imprint. Toolwise, it is the same as the new one-handed Forester. But since that the Forester OH did not exist in 2003, it was called the OHT with corkscrew. Interestingly, my knife has the newer style thumb hole in the

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Victorinox Pocket Pal - Jasper Canada

Victorinox Pocket Pal – Jasper (Canada)

The Pocket pal is one of the most simple, slimmest Victorinox knives. It measures 84mm and has a slimmer  profile than the regular 84mm knives like for example the Sportsman, Bantam and Lumberjack. This one has a nice logo of Jasper – Canada on the back scale. It is a metal inlay, just like the Swiss shield cross on the front scale. My wife and I both bought one of these nice knives on our honeymoon (yes, in Jasper, Alberta,

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Victorinox (Elinox) alox Lumberjack, model 2231

Victorinox (Elinox) ribbed alox Lumberjack

Okay, so this is not exactly a Lumberjack. It’s an older, ribbed alox 84mm model which at the time (probably the 1970s) did not have a name, but was simply known as model 2231. The tool configuration (blade, saw, bottle opener) is almost identical to the newer Lumberjack model, but that one has the combo tool instead of the bottle opener. This knife was made by Victorinox, but it wears the Elniox brand on the tang of the main blade.

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