Victorinox Explorer - old style mangifier

Victorinox Explorer

The Victorinox Explorer is basically a Climber with an extra layer. The added tools are a magnifying glass and an inline Phillips screwdriver. This one was made before 1991 since there is no hook on the back side of the scissors layer. Also, the corkscrew is fluted and there is a very thin key ring … Read more

Victorinox One Hand Master RT (Road Tour) - new stainless steel metal saw

Victorinox one handed Master RT

The Victorinox OH Master is a new 111mm liner lock model. It has gray/black dual density scales, a serrated one handed blade with a Road Tour logo and a new, stainless steel metal saw and metal file. The one handed Master RT was introduced in 2010 as part of the Victorinox Road Tour collection, just … Read more

Victorinox Camo Spartan

Victorinox Camo Spartan

The Spartan is the standard 91mm knife. It has the basic tool configuration with 2 blades, a can opener, a bottle opener, a reamer/awl, a corkscrew, tweezers and a toothpick. The Spartan comes in a wide range of scale colors, including this camouflage pattern. The Spartan is actually the modern incarnation of the original Swiss … Read more

Victorinox Voyager

Victorinox Voyager

This is a Victorinox Voyager. It adds an electronic clock and an alarm to the popular Climber model. The Swiss shield is actually a button that controls the clock and alarm. The Voyager has plus scales, containing a straight pin and a pen. Usually, the tweezers are in the front scales, but since there is … Read more

Victorinox SwissChamps

Victorinox SwissChamps – differences

The Victorinox SwissChamp was introduced in 1985 as the premium model in the line-up. It added pliers to the Champion Plus model which had been the biggest Swiss Army Knife before. The SwissChamp is still the biggest regular model, although a couple of even bigger SAKs have been available, like the SwissChamp XLT, XXLT and … Read more

Black Victorinox Camper

Black Victorinox Camper

This is another Camper, the same model I showed before (that was a green Camper), but this one is in stylish black. This one has been fitted with Plus scales (including a ballpoint pen), but this Swiss Army knife normally comes with normal scales, usually with a Camping logo on the front.

Black soft grip Victorinox Climber RT - logo on main blade

Victorinox Climber RT

In 2010, Victorinox released a soft grip version of the Climber model for the On The Road tour. It is called the Climber RT (Road Tour) and has black cellidor scales with a special coating giving it a nice soft grip finish. You can see the difference between the soft grip scales and the regular … Read more

Black Victorinox SAKs

There is a thread on the forums about black Swiss Army knives, with lots of great pictures.  I happen to like black cellidor scales a lot. In fact, it’s one of my favorite scale colors, along with green and any kind of colored alox. Here are some of my black Victorinox SAKs. I have … Read more